The last six weeks have really been a blur. April is always so crappy. The grief this month brings always takes an emotional and physical toll. And life doesn’t stop just because I want it to. My kids had softball, baseball, the science fair, chorus performances, dental and eye exams, birthday parties, playdates, etc, and I had board meetings, school committees, coaching. And on top of THAT, I started a new full-time job, which is really exciting — I’m helping build a family oriented social media presence for a huge entertainment company and I’m LOVING it — but the learning curve has been intense. So things have been neglected, like this blog, and eating like a normal person, and my hair. My roots are like two inches long and streaked with gray, you guys. It’s rillll bad. But I digress. It’s been a rough month to have a big life change, but I’m feeling…calm. I’m starting to make adjustments (like blogging at night again!), and I feel like it’s all going to settle into place and I’ll be in a groove again. You know, until the next life change!

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

A couple weeks ago, Mike and James went to Disneyland to check out the new Pixar Fest. Mike said it was really cute, but I think the cutest part is how happy my two guys looked together.

Happy Sunday, everyone!