Thank you, everyone, for the love last week. It’s been very hard for me to wrap my head around Maddie being gone for nine years. Grief is so emotionally and physically taxing…I kept myself very busy last weekend, which was what I needed to do. But I’ve been paying the price this week, physically. It’s amazing how grief can manifest in the form of physical ailments. I suppose my body knows that’s the only way to make me slow down. I’m getting back into the swing of things this week. It helps immensely knowing that I won’t have to prepare for the March of Dimes walk at the end of the month – I feel like I can actually heal a little bit instead of holding my breath until the next emotionally taxing event. I still have guilt about not going, but I can tell this has already been the right choice for us.

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The World’s Tiniest Player

We got James’ baseball pictures back last week. Besides the fact that they are so cute (his team photo is so adorable I could CRY), I can’t stop laughing at the typo on the baseball card. He’s only three inches tall! LOLOL

Fun Stuff

~My friend Jen turned me on to this all-in-one blow dryer and volumizer and I am a changed woman. HIGHLY recommend this wandy blow dryer thingy, you guys. HIGHLY.
~Did anyone shop the Hunter for Target line? I didn’t go into the store but I got a pair of boots for Annie online that are super cute. I also grabbed her some slides that she can wear in between softball games.
~If you’re looking for a funny book, you must read The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish. It’s fantastic!

Happy Sunday, everyone.