Last Sunday sucked. I still can’t put into words how it feels to know Maddie has been gone for ten years. It’s hard to fathom that I haven’t hugged her, kissed her, or heard her voice in ten years. All of the “what ifs” and questions that I don’t usually allow myself to linger on flooded me last week. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting. Thankfully, this week is spring break. We’re staying local and I plan to lay low and decompress (as much as my kids will let me, at least).

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Living Museum

Last week, Annie’s class put together a “Living Museum.” Each student had to pick a person from history that they would “become” for the museum. The class invited parents, family, and first through third graders to visit the museum and interact with each historical figure. It was so well done, the kids were fantastic. I saw “King Tut,” “Queen Victoria,” “Jenny Finch,” “Jackie Robinson,” “Mohammed Ali,” and “Mother Theresa,” to name a few, plus my Annie as “Anne Frank.” The kids would give a brief speech about their figure, and then answer any questions the museum visitors had. I was so impressed by all the kids and how hard they worked!

Yes, I am only a head taller than her now! It’s just a matter of time until she passes me.

Fun Finds

~I take my wedding rings off when I’m coaching, but I think these fidget rings would be okay to wear…plus they’d give me something to distract me during stressful moments!
~Has anyone ever used a “headache hat?” You know me, I’m always trying new things to get rid of my migraines.
~I was at a pool party not long ago and a woman was wearing the prettiest flowy top. I asked her where she got it and she said Amazon! My favorite place to shop!

Happy Sunday, everyone!