I’ve received a lot of messages lately as the anniversary of Maddie’s death gets closer. First, it really means so much to me that so many people a) remember and b) reach out. Next Sunday will be ten years since she died, which is obviously a crappy milestone. I’ve been trying my usual technique of keeping myself super-busy with spring cleaning, coaching, work, and school events. It’s helped some, but my other form of coping (writing) has not come easily. I’ve had a serious mental block for quite a while now. I can do my work, but when I sit to write out anything personal I just…can’t. Not even the writing I do for myself. I think my brain is keeping me from “going there” by threatening me with flashbacks and other unpleasant things. The feelings are intense this year and the words just won’t come. I’m hopeful that once the seventh passes I’ll start to feel better, since that’s what usually happens. I’m just going to take it day-to-day for now and try to give myself a pass when I need it. I still put a lot of pressure on myself to “push through,” but I’m working on it.

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Behind The Dish

Annie has been playing catcher on our softball rec team and she loves it. She’s been working hard at getting better and I’m really impressed at the effort she’s put in. Yesterday she caught two games and was in her element. After watching Annie’s games, we all went over to the baseball fields for James’ game. There, he told me and the other coaches that he wanted a turn at catcher, “like my sister.” So cute.

Fun Finds

~We don’t have spring break here for two! more! weeks! Since we’re staying local over the break, I’m thinking about maybe getting this mini projector to make watching movies at home more fun. I’ve rented a projector so many times that I think maybe we should just pull the trigger and get our own.
~Since I spend four to six days every week coaching, I spend a lot of time in workout leggings. I don’t know if I’ve linked to these before but I am going to wax on about these leggings that have tummy control AND SIDE POCKETS. It’s made my life so much easier to have those damn pockets. I have…let’s just say I have several pairs.
~Annie’s softball team is named “Baby Sharks,” and one of my friends gave us this singing shark as a lucky charm. The girls love it and my hope is they will run out the battery inside before the season ends, LOL.

Happy Sunday, everyone!