I hope all of you had a manageable week. It’s just about impossible to not feel stress right now, so I hope you all are hanging in there and being kind to yourselves. I had a FAR more interesting week than I expected or wanted. On Thursday, I had to see my dentist for an emergency – one of my back molars (one with damage caused by hyperemesis gravidarum) cracked all the way through, requiring emergency oral surgery. You know what is the opposite of social distancing? ORAL SURGERY. Of course, everyone was sterile and professional, but it was weird to go from being six feet from people to having hands IN my MOUTH. I’m home and recovering now and hey, at least I don’t have to go anywhere! Mike and the kids have been taking care of me, bringing me soft foods and ice (since I’m allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs, I am swoooooollen). So here’s a tip I learned this week – make sure you RELAX your jaw and don’t clench it too tightly. I will definitely not be clenching my jaw anymore!

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Staying Strong

The kids are doing well with staying at home. They definitely miss their friends, teachers, and teammates, but they’ve been able to stay in touch with most of them over FaceTime and Zoom calls. James is young enough that he thinks all of this staying at home is AMAZING, and wakes up excited every day. The other member of this household who’s thrilled with us staying home is Schuyler. She spends each day running between us for snuggles and hugs and belly scratches. She and James both have a lot of energy to burn, thank goodness they like chasing each other in the backyard!

Fun Finds

~I ordered a couple of these small humidifiers in case one of us gets sick.
~I don’t have this dog selfie attachment, I just love all the pictures of the dogs in the reviews!
~Annie has a new loft bed with a desk underneath. I just ordered her this “plant light” to brighten things up under there (in more ways than one).

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe.