Yesterday we celebrated sweet little Liam’s second birthday! I can’t believe that little nugget is already two years old. My cousin Leah put together the most adorable Mickey Mouse-themed party for him (Oh TWO-dles, for you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans). She even tracked down a fantastic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse piñata, and filled it with enough candy to supply an entire neighborhood.

Liam takes a swing

Happy birthday, buddy! We love you so much!

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Yay Science!

Annie has been begging to participate in her school science fair since she was in Kindergarten, and this year we’re finally letting her participate. She’s doing some kind of experiment with ferrofluid. I don’t know. This is squarely in the “Mike is taking care of this one” column. But it’s some kind of magnetic liquid, so it sounds cool! I guess my house will be a science lab for the next few weeks.

Fun Finds

~I am constantly on the hunt for pants I can coach softball in that a) have pockets and b) keep my jiggling to a minimum. I haven’t found the perfect pair yet, but I am liking this new pair a lot. Anyone have a pair they love?
~I got this Bluetooth speaker so I can play music for my softball team during warm-ups. It’s lightweight, fits in my backpack, and is LOUD. Great for outdoors!
~These pimple patches? MAGICAL. I put one on a deep pimple I could feel forming on my chin and it was completely gone the next day.

Happy Sunday, everyone!