There are no spoilers in this!

Annabel has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice, plus all of the movies from the original trilogy, and she’s obsessed. It’s been hilarious to talk to her about the different films – she has lots of questions and lots of theories.

It’s interesting to watch Annabel’s interests change over the years. We’ve had princesses and ponies, and it looks like Star Wars is going to be her next thing. James, as always, is along for the ride. The two of them have been having lightsaber battles for weeks.

lightsaber duel

Mike and Annabel will often collaborate to make posts or “books” about different stories Annabel comes up with. It’s no surprise that the latest post they created together was about Star Wars. Annabel was SO proud of this story, probably because her sweet dad went the extra mile to insert her into the story via photoshop. Annabel provided all of the text:

One day I wished I lived in Star Wars.


Wow! I am here!


I met Luke Skywalker.


I also met Rey.


Next… Princess Leia.


But then I met someone I didn’t want to meet.


Surprisingly for Kylo Ren, I defeated him and I got a medal!


But then I heard my dad say, “Annie, wake up!” Turns out I was asleep!

IMG_1139 (1)

I am endlessly delighted and entertained by this girl.