Annabel would like to help all of you find your inner songwriter:

Hi everyone, it’s me, Annabel. One of the things I’ve been doing this summer is writing songs. I like to write songs because I want to be a rock star. Some of my favorite rock stars are the Beatles and Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga and the person who sings that “Roar” song [Katy Perry]. I saw a rock star this summer, Ringo Starr, and I liked his music and how he was funny. So because of the singers I like, I decided to write my own songs, too.

I just wrote a song that’s called, “I’ll Be At Your Doorstep.” It’s about when someone comes up to your doorstep and someone else answers the door. It’s a song about friends! It’s one of my favorites.

I have some advice on how to write a song. I’ve been writing song a long time, so you should listen.

First, you warm up your voice. You go, “aaaah” at least once or twice so your voice is pretty.

Then, think about what you want your song to be about. I get really inspired by the songs I listen to. I wrote “I’ll Be At Your Doorstep” because I was thinking about my friends and how much I love being with them!

Next, start thinking about all the words I know.  I thought of all the words I know about friendship, then I put them all together. I usually have someone write the words down because I can’t write very fast.

After that, record your song! I read the words and record myself singing them into my mom’s phone. Sometimes I play along on my ukulele. I don’t really know how to play it but I still use it! I will sometimes ask my dad to play on his guitar or my ukulele because he knows how to play better than I do. He helped me with “I’ll Be At Your Doorstep!” He’s pretty good at guitars and stuff.

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This is me when I first got my ukulele.

I’m really hoping I can make a music video this weekend. It’s going to be a really good music video and will be all over YouTube.

My goal is to make a lot of songs and make an album. I’ll put up all the songs on and iTunes and Spotify…you know, all the things you can listen to music on, like a computer.

I hope I have given you good advice to write really good songs. But don’t write any that are better than mine!

Thanks! Love, Annabel