So, you may remember that when I was a kid, I was 100% determined to become the next Debbie Gibson, and started writing my own songs. They were…pretty cringey. I can giggle about it now, but I remember at the time I took my songs SO seriously. I poured so much effort into the writing, and I was really proud of the songs. I’m glad I remember that, because Annabel has started making up songs.

Just like I was inspired by Debbie Gibson, Annabel is inspired by Taylor Swift. She absolutely loves Taylor and wants to be just like her. When I told Annabel that Taylor writes her own songs, Annabel said, “Well, then I have to write MY own songs.” I told her to go for it, even if I wasn’t really sure how she’d write her own songs since she can literally barely write. But of course, she found a way.

We were driving somewhere when she said, “Mom, I need your phone so I can write a song.” I handed her my phone, she went to the voice memo app, and started recording herself sing. It was so cute and sweet and hilarious, it was one of those parenting moments where you feel like you might explode from love and pride and repressed laughter. At first, she sounded a little bit like that SNL sketch,  Garth and Kat, but as she recorded more and more, her songs got better.

After she finishes a song, she hands the phone back to me and asks me to type in the song title she’s chosen. They’re always pretty hilarious. Some of my favorites are:

Be Yourself
Shut the Window
Don’t Leave Your Feelings Behind
When I Was Three Years Old
Brothers and Sisters Flying Up High
Harmonica Dad
Running Home on a Saturday Night While a Storm is Happening
Getting Home, Starting My Brand New Life
How You Get Your Furniture First

One of my favorite songs she wrote is called “Conquer Your Fears,” and I had to transcribe it because it’s so funny/cute. It’s even better when you know it’s about being scared of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

I used to be afraid
now I know how to be brave
now I took a deep breath
when I was going down the hill
until I was fine

Now when I was really high
I asked somebody to take me down so I can not cry
now I’m not so afraid
I’ve been telling people to
conquer your fears

So I made my line
and turned the world around so I can shine
now I know everything
everything so I can get the right thing

So I’ve been hugging the world
and climbing down saying I’m not scared anymore
let’s conquer our fears

When I first went on the pirate ride
I was scared until I realized
conquer your fears
if you think they are real
they’re actually fake

But one of them you see that’s moving
might be real
but sometimes they might not
so let’s see if you are not so scared
and you conquer your fears
yeah yeah yeah
conquer your fears
so that you can make the braveness of you

Maybe the next time we go to Disneyland she’ll take her own advice and go on the ride.

Lately, she’s started asking me to find her instrumental music so she can then make up words to the song and record herself on my iPhone. It’s next-level funny/cute.

I don’t know if this is something she’ll have any interest in continuing after the summer is over, so I’m just enjoying this while it lasts.


Rock on, little writer.