When Paul McCartney announced his tour late last year, Mike decided this was going to be the year we brought Annie and James. Sir Paul is getting up there in years (he just turned 77), and even though he always ends every concert with “see you next time,” you never know when he might decide he doesn’t want to tour anymore. Not that I think he’s showing any signs of slowing down – the man has more energy than James, and that’s saying a lot. We knew tickets were going to be hard to get, so we were thrilled when we managed to get four together. The concert was last night and oh my gosh, it was amazing.

The show was held at Dodger Stadium, my old stomping grounds. The kids were blown away by the giant stage on the field, especially James, who has never been to a concert before (unless you count Kidzbop). Mike was so anxious before the show started. It was really important to him that Annie and James have an amazing time – he was sharing his idol with them! I knew Annie, my concert veteran, would have a blast, but we didn’t know about James. We prepared him for the lights, the crowd, and the loudness so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed. But honestly, I’m not sure it’s possible for James to be overwhelmed…he takes everything in stride.

When the music started, everyone jumped to their feet, including Annie and James. James seems to be a combo of Mike and me. He was dancing and singing when he knew the words, but he was also serious sometimes, taking it all in.

And then there’s Annie, who is exactly is like me at concerts. She dances, she sings, she IS! INTO! IT! And just like I predicted NINE YEARS AGO, he loooooved that Annie was singing and dancing. He even said to me at one point, “Annie is so fun at concerts, she’s dancing around and singing!” And I was like, “You have some nerve, Spohr.”

The concert was fantastic. It was a spectacle in the best possible way. Plus our seats were amaaaaazing!


The crowd LOST ITS MIND. Even Mike smiled!

Ringo joined Paul and his band for two songs, Sargent Pepper and Helter Skelter. Mike says that Paul McCartney has never brought Ringo out to play with him on a tour, so this was incredibly special. We’re not sure if he brought him out because it was the last night of the tour, or maybe his last concert ever…hopefully it’s the former. Based on last night, Paul still has YEARS ahead of him. He literally did not even break a sweat. Not a single glistening bead on that Pretty Beatle face. Very, very impressive.

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted some videos in my stories. I apologize in advance for how loudly I was screaming, “RINGO!” I was very excited.

So obviously, that was a fantastic experience, not just for me and Mike, but for the kids. They will be able to say that they saw two of the Beatles perform together.  I can’t even believe *I* can say that!