When I was growing up, my Gramma always wore kaftans. They ranged from casual to glamorous, but no matter what, she rocked them:

Hula Heather
teaching me how to Dougie

appalled by 80s fashion

looking through kaftan catalogs, I’m sure.

My brother and I haaaaaaated when she would wear them in public. We were not fashion forward like my gram, you see. If she picked us up from school in a kaftan, we’d be mortified. Oddly, we were OK with her bedazzled sweatshirts, but I digress. We thought her kaftans were basically bathrobes, and we didn’t understand why she’d leave the house in them.

Oh, I was so naive.

Nowadays, I wear my standard outfit of pajama pants, a nursing bra, and a tank top for days on end. There is nothing glamorous about my look, unless you call an oily face high glamor. I’ve let myself go so far that I’ve come back around again. It’s time to start caring about my home clothing. That’s right friends, I’m bringing back the kaftan.

My gramma looking fabulous in her caftan at a family birthday party.

gramma style

Me, rocking an old kaftan of my gram’s:

I learned so much about kaftans this week. They are roomy. You don’t have to wear spanx in them. THERE ARE POCKETS. They are not, in fact, hospital gowns. They are. Amazing.

gramma style

The buttons down the front of this one totally allowed my skin to breathe. And when is that NOT a good thing?


I can’t wait to wear a kaftan when I take Annie all over town. Maybe I’ll even dress her in baby kaftans! Kaftans aren’t giving up! They are about making your life breezy. And I’m breezy. Or, I want to be. Who wants to be breezy with me?!

Mike, hide the baby and the dog, I’m going on a kaftan shopping spree! Just as soon as I figure out where they sell them…