Annie has a new love: accessories. It started at the top – she always has something in her hair, because otherwise her curls would constantly be in her eyes.


Then she started showing an interest in my headbands:



Now she wants hats on her head whenever she can. If she sees one she yells, ‘HAT!’ and pulls it on her head:


photo 2.JPG

Her latest love is dangerous…shoes! She loves them so much, she even saw this shirt and screamed “Choos! Choos! CHOOS!”

photo 1.JPG

Last week I found a fair of Yo Gabba Gabba shoes at a store. Well, that’s not entirely true. ANNIE found the shoes. We walked into a kids’ store and I suddenly heard, “Foofa! Choos!” I looked down and Annie was holding a sample pair of Foofa shoes from YGG in her hand. And because I am a sucker, I bought them for her. She was so happy, though, so it was worth it to hear that squeal of happiness.

Except now she won’t let us take them off. Ever.

Foofa Shoes

She’s going to get married in those Foofa shoes.

We finally figured out that if we tell her the shoes are going to sleep, she’ll let us take them off with minimal protest and a “nigh nigh, choos.”

Are kid obsessions like these weird? What else do I have to look forward to? Or is she just, uh…taking after me?