This post is sponsored by Best Fiends. Thanks, Best Fiends!

This year, our schedules (and the kids’ school schedules) didn’t align to let us make our annual trip to Arizona for baseball spring training. We were pretty bummed when we realized we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but it did mean we’d have a week of spring break with nothing planned. Mike and I decided it was the perfect time to drive to Northern California to visit his parents. The kids were totally thrilled by this, which took the sting out of missing Arizona this year.

The biggest problem with visiting his parents’ house? Getting there. I loathe long car trips, especially ones that are made longer by the constant need to stop for the bathroom or to “get a fresh Diet Coke.” I run a tight ship when I’m the one driving the car – I schedule out the stops in advance and won’t add any on unless it’s an absolute emergency. Apparently, this makes me “mean.” Before we left, Mike said to me, “Why don’t I drive and you just relax and play on your phone?” He was a) manipulating me and b) making fun of my latest game addiction, but he was successful. Who doesn’t want permission to relax?

You guys, I am so addicted to a game on my phone. It’s called Best Fiends and it’s a free puzzle game where you make long matching chains and collect cute characters and uggggh I wish I’d discovered it back when I was unemployed. I seriously played it the entire drive up.

Mike could not stop laughing at me (but he would kill to be on level 218 like me so shut it, Mike). But you know what? I was HAPPY. I was playing my game and I was HAPPY. How could I not be, look at how comfortable I was:

Annie took this picture, obviously admiring how comfortable I looked.

If you want to play all the different challenges and get addicted like me (so into the Easter Egg Challenge right now), the first 100 readers to download Best Fiends and get to level 10 will get $4.99 worth of gold and diamonds for free (I’m so jealous).

To be honest, the drive wasn’t that bad. Mike only stopped four times (once for gas, twice for the bathroom, and once because James was going to lose his mind if he didn’t get out of the car for a few minutes), and the drive “only” took seven hours (it should take like…six, tops). At least we were able to put James to work:

I can’t wait until he’s old enough to do my windows.

Now that we’re safely at my inlaws’ house, we’ve enjoyed a lot of hugs, food, and playing outside. My mother-in-law gave the kids a piano lesson (the longest I’ve ever seen James sit still without being restrained), Annie played catch with her grandpa, and we went to the movies. Mike has shown the kids and me lots of old photos and we’ve had a blast laughing at them. I’ll be sad when it’s time to leave (although, it will give me a chance to play my game again, bwahahahaha).