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I like Diet Coke, but it’s a well established fact that Mike is a Diet Coke fanatic. In the almost fourteen years I’ve known him, he has started every morning by cracking open a Diet Coke. If you tease him about this he will either sing, “The best part of waking up, is Diet Coke in your cup” (I know, I know) or “People drink coffee in the morning. What’s the difference?” Shrug.

Anyway, the biggest testament to my guy’s love of Diet Coke happened last winter at his surprise 40th birthday party. Literally half of his friends brought him Diet Coke related presents, everything from a case of the stuff to an actual cowboy hat made out of Diet Coke boxes his buddy, Fish, found on Etsy.


So, with Mike being such a huge Diet Coke fan, you can imagine his reaction when I told him that 7-Eleven was introducing a new Slurpee flavor — Diet Coke FROST with a Splash of Cherry! Mike immediately left the room, threw on his Diet Coke cowboy hat, then returned saying we needed to head over to our local 7-Eleven ASAP so he could give it a try.

I could tell you about how excited Mike was when he got there, but, well, it would probably be easier to show you:

The guys behind the counter were laughing at him, if you were wondering.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.15.41 AM
Here he performs the classic “Spohr Pour.” 



So what did Mike think? He — unsurprisingly — loved it. He said that he generally likes Slurpees, but finds them a little too sweet for his tastes (which is how he feels about regular Coke, too). What he likes about Diet Coke FROST with a Splash of Cherry is that — like regular Diet Coke — it has a smooth, not too-sweet taste. He also said, “I like that it has just 50 calories (per 22 ounce serving) so I can keep my girlish figure.” Um, okay, Mike.

The only thing Mike didn’t like about the Diet Coke FROST is that it’s only available for a limited time (now through June 28). Something tells me he’ll be wearing his hat over to 7-Eleven a lot between now and then.

In fact, he literally just texted me this, so. slurpee time

You can check out Mike’s favorite new drink at your local 7-Eleven!