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I have a weird aversion to changing air filters. More specifically, I have a weird aversion to replacing them. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gross person – I change my toothbrush sooner than the recommended three months, I go through endless wipes cleaning my kids, and we fly through the hand soap. But for whatever reason, when it comes to filters that all suddenly goes out the window.

For example, we have a nice Dyson vacuum. Every time I take it outside to throw away all of the junk it sucked up, I see the air filter on the top with its recommendation to be changed every six months and I feel guilty. At first, when we officially had the vacuum longer than six months, it was just a little guilt. I was like, “Eh, six months, seven months, what’s the difference?” Then, as time went on, I was like, “Eh, a year…it’s not that big of a difference.” Next, I was like, “Six months is really just a recommendation. These things can last easily two years, right?” And then there’s now, when I hurriedly clean out the vacuum while averting my eyes from the filter so I can pretend it’s not there. It’s my vacuum shame.

But, there’s also the air filter in my car. When I take it to get an oil change the guy always pulls my air filter out and is like, “This is looking pretty dirty. I can throw a brand new on in there for twenty bucks.” Suddenly, this seems unreasonable. “But this is the air your family is breathing, ma’am,” the guy says. “Maybe next time,” I reply. The worst part? Five minutes later I drive away and have no issue with spending twenty bucks at Starbucks on frappuccinos, a blueberry muffin, and a cookie for the kids. I know, I know. I have a problem.

But the biggest filter of all is the one in our HVAC. Have we changed it? Well, I haven’t. Maybe Mike did? I like to think he changes it when I’m out of the house. Of course, our air conditioning unit is like one thousand years old and it’s possible it’s still rocking the original filter, but when that thought crosses my mind I put on the TV and cough a little (likely on account of the filter).

Why is it so hard to change filters? You know, beyond me being a little crazy? For me, I think the biggest reason is that I had no idea where to even get a filter. Plus, other than my vacuum, my filters were totally out of sight, out of mind. Luckily, there is a service that will send you air filters so you never forget to change them again. All I had to do was go to the FilterEasy website, enter in my filter sizes (which was written on the outside of my old filter), and select how often I wanted to receive filters. That was it!

Our filters from FilterEasy came in a giant, hard-to-ignore box:

What's in the booooooox

My kids were like, OMG MOM WHAT AMAZING TOY IS IN THERE?! And I said, AN AMAZING AIR FILTER THAT WILL MAKE EVERY BREATH FEEL LIKE A DAY AT THE SPA!!! and they were like, “…oh.” Kids are so hard to please these days.

It was actually surprisingly easy for me to change the air filter. First, I called my dad and was like, “Hey, want to show me how to change my air filter?” and he came over humored me.

Bampa: “First, you open your air unit…then you take out the old filter…then you pop in the new one and close the door.”

Me: “Wow, that was really easy…you probably could have told me how to do that over the phone.”

Bampa: “…..”

The old filter was horrifying, you guys. I am a changed woman. Meaning, I changed all the filters on everything in my entire house because OMG.


And my new filter is sooooo pretty.


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