On Sunday, we had James’ Star Wars birthday party. The first thing James said when he woke up that morning was, “Jamesie’s Star Wars birthday party yaaaaaaaay!” (He is currently referring to himself in the third person, I have no idea why.) This was a pretty mellow party (for me), but it was still really fun.

We all wore Star Wars shirts, and Annie and I did our hair like Rey and Princess Leia.

star wars party

Even Baby Liam got in on the fun:


I had Star Wars wall decals of James’ favorite Star Wars characters:

These are not the droids you're looking for.
It annoys me that BB-8 isn’t to scale.

We put out Star Wars comics, figures, and toys throughout the house, and Mike got James this awesome cake:

James' Cake

Every kid got a Jedi robe and belt, and a lightsaber:

I knew he was on the dark side

The robes were so easy, with no sewing required. I followed this tutorial but used a lightweight muslin so the kids wouldn’t get hot. I made the lightsabers by cutting dollar store pool noodles in half, then decorated the handles with different colored tape. I thought about having the kids decorate their own lightsabers but decided against it when I realized how many little kids would be in attendance.

We booked a Jedi Master and Padawan to run a Jedi Training for the kids. They were INTO it.

Jedi Training

Jedi Training

jedi guns?

Jedi Annie

The Jedi were great, especially when you know they easily got hit in the head 1,000 times by lightsabers.

keep the balloons up, young jedi

Right as he threw the balloons up in the air he said, “Don’t hit me with your light sabers.” LOL BUDDY.

Jedi Training

They stayed through singing happy birthday and even posed for pictures with the kids.

James had SO. MUCH. FUN. Between all his friends at the house, the Jedi, and the candy, he was on a high that lasted for hours. He loved having both sets of grandparents, plus his aunts and uncles and cousins there to celebrate, too. He had a smile on his face the entire day, which made me so happy.

James and Uncle Kyle

Even better, he fell asleep that night within seconds of his head hitting the pillow, which is a minor miracle.

He’s my favorite little guy, I love him so much.

mom and james

Happy birthday, Padawan James! I can’t believe you’re three.