Our first First Day of School of the year is in the books!

First Grader!

Mike and I blasted Kool and the Gang’s Celebration to wake her up, and she hopped out of bed dancing (James is not a morning person and was super-pissed). She talked all the way through breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and doing hair. She couldn’t wait to get to school, to see her friends, to have a desk, to eat her lunch. She was vibrating, it was very cute.

After she was dressed, she posed for a few pictures:

first grader

James, who had finally recovered from his rude awakening, wanted to be in pictures, too.

Little Brother, Big First Grader

He also really wanted to wear his own “pack mack,” since Annie was wearing hers.

Walking to school

We were the first ones to her classroom, which really illustrates how anxious Annabel was to get to school.

first grader

first grader

She anxiously waited for her friends to arrive, and when they did there was a LOT of squealing and hugging. Then it was time to go into the classroom!

first grader

at her desk

After the teachers welcomed everyone and went over a few things, it was time to go. That’s when James LOST IT. “No! My Annie! Want my Annie, noooo!” He was so upset to leave without her. It was so cute and so sad.

my annie!

We were finally able to calm him when we took him to pick out his own lunch box for school. That cheered him up and got him excited (the cake pop I bought him probably didn’t hurt, either).

picking out his lunchbox

picking out his lunch box

Throughout the day, James would look up and say, “Go get my Annie?” He was overjoyed when it was finally time. “YAY! My Annie! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” When the gates to the school opened, a stampede of younger brothers and sisters ran towards the classrooms that held their siblings. James clapped and said, “Oh, my Annie, yay!” when he saw her.

It was another solid stream of words as we left the school. It was the best day ever, and she loves her friends and her teachers and, “I just love school so much, I wish I could go every day, even weekends and during summer!” Dang.

We surprised Annie with some celebratory ice cream:

first day of school ice cream

The rest of the day, James barely left Annie’s side. He drove her a little crazy, but she secretly appreciated his displays of love and devotion (she also realized he would fetch her things).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sad scene at drop-off doesn’t repeat itself the rest of the week (but packing my pockets with tissues).

Two weeks until James stars preschool! I don’t know if we’ll make it, LOL.