Yesterday was my niece Michaela’s 7th birthday, and lucky Annie got to go with her to Disneyland to celebrate. Annie has been a bit timid about rides in the past, but she promised she’d go on whatever rides Michaela wanted to go on — and she did. After going on the Indiana Jones ride, Annie declared that she now LOVES scary rides and wants to try a rollercoaster. This makes my ride-loving heart happy…although, I’ll start her on a mild rollercoaster before I work her up to a really fast one.

Michaela is 7

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Gotta Have These

~There’s a new cookbook coming out called Eat Like a Gilmore and obviously I need it in my life. And then I need Luke or Sookie to make everything in it.

~When I was in college I took notes by hand because I retained the information better. Now I write my ideas on my computer, but I think this magic notebook thing would be fantastic for me—I’d still be able to write out my notes and ideas, but I could keep organized copies online.

~Target is now selling Beautycounter. This is both good and bad news for my wallet! (I really, really love the nourishing face oil…it normally costs like $67 but it’s $30 at Target!)


~Please convince Mike that this is the year we should get a Halloween inflatable for our front yard. I’m thinking something like this giant skeleton, or a big spider, or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You know, all the scariest things in life.

Happy Sunday, everyone!