The first week of Annabel’s school is behind us. She is so happy with her class and in love with her teachers (she has two teachers who job share). So far, our mornings have gone smoothly. I think a large part of that is thanks to Annabel picking out her clothes every night before she goes to bed. It’s completely removed the drama of trying on five things in the morning until she creates her “perfect look,” (her words, not mine). It makes me laugh that she likes to express herself through her clothes (I definitely was not like that as a kid), but it’s provided a fun peek into her brain. “Sometimes I want to look sporty, sometimes I want to look like I should be picking flowers in a beautiful park.” LOL she is the best.

Annie's Outfits: Week 1

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Shop for a Cause

Today is the last day of Shop for a Cause at Macy’s! If you go to your local Macy’s store and donate $5 to the March of Dimes (via purchasing a Savings Pass), you can save up to 25% on your purchases! It’s a great way to get some last-minute school stuff, or add to your fall wardrobe, and also do some good. Thank you, Macy’s!

The Final Days of Shot@Life

Alright you guys, there’s only a few days left! After four weeks, we’re responsible for over 6,600 vaccines on the blog, and over 8,100 on Facebook. And, the best part? We not only met our goal of 30,000 vaccines, but the company donating them, MAM, has doubled the amount they will donate to 60,000!!! As of 11am on August 28, Blogust as a whole has provided 54,219 vaccines. I would LOVE it if we were responsible for some of the last 5,500! Let’s do it, comment warriors! We have until Wednesday at midnight to do it!

Pretty Things

~These running shoes are like walking on a cloud. I assume they feel like running on a cloud as well, but I wouldn’t know.
~It’s a little spendy, but this shampoo and conditioner has made my hair look and feel amazing.
~I think I’ve shared it before, but these face wipes have done wonders for my skin (if your skin is sensitive, I suggest starting with the 10%).
~Also, I put this gel on my face every night before bed and it feels amazing when I wake up.

Happy Sunday, everyone!