Happy Fourth of July weekend! We’ve had a great few days so far, relaxing with family and friends, and Mike and Annie went to a fun concert last night. Mike also took an extra day off so we can fully enjoy Independence Day. We have lots of fun stuff planned, including swimming, playing with babies, and, of course, fireworks! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

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Locked Out

~Last night while I was in the garage doing laundry, James locked me out of the house (he is seriously going to be the death of me someday). More shockingly, he didn’t burn the house down while I was outside. When I told one of my friends what happened she mentioned her keyless entry. Does anyone else have it? I’d love recommendations!

Summer Fun

I’ve found a few more things that the kids have enjoyed playing with during the days I have to work!

~This velcro hat and ball game has actually entertained them for WAY longer than I expected. And no one’s gotten hurt! Yet.

~My friend Meredith sent the kids this bubble machine that blows bubbles that are safe to eat. I didn’t tell the kids that the bubbles were edible (like James needs more excuses to put his face in front of the bubble machine?), but one popped near Annabel’s face and said, “hey, this tastes good!”
~James is finally into playing pretend with Annie, so I ordered them this set of superhero capes and masks. Now James can also be the hero instead of always being her sidekick, LOL.

Happy Sunday, everyone!