Last weekend, our James turned seven years old. It’s hard to believe he’s already seven, I still see my tiny baby whenever I look at him. Even though our hearts were heavy over George Floyd and countless others, we went all-out to celebrate our best guy’s day. We planned a “paper airplane car parade” and invited all of James’ friends and family to drive by and throw birthday greetings via paper airplane. It was so much fun to lay eyes on people we hadn’t seen since distance learning began in March. James had a blast running around in our front yard, waving and greeting friends as they came by. By the end of the parade we’d collected two boxes of paper airplanes with some of the sweetest notes and pictures. I know James felt special and I was so moved by the love shown for him. 

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Talking to your kids

There’s a great YouTube playlist for parents and caregivers called How to Talk to Kids About Racial Injustice, featuring videos from authors, experts, and parents sharing how to have challenging conversations about racism with kids.

Common Sense Media has also  put together ideas for parents on how to talk with kids about racism and violence against people of color, recommendations for parents on how to use media to raise anti-racist kids, as well as a playlist of resources.

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Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.