It’s been a rough few days in the Spohr house. I caught a nasty stomach bug that was so vicious it gave me flashbacks to my pregnancy hyperemesis. Unfortunately, now poor James has it. It’s so sad when the littlest ones get sick to their stomachs. They really don’t know what’s happening. James keeps saying stuff like, “I just spit,” or “I need to cough.” My poor little baby boy. Fingers crossed Annabel and Mike don’t get it. Annabel is giving James and me a wiiiiide berth, but Mike is just biding his time until it hits him. Yuck.

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Miss Studious

With Annabel getting older, we decided it was time for her to have a desk in her room. This will a) give her a place to do her homework every night, and b) give her a place to keep her artwork away from Hurricane James. Since her room is limited in space, we had to make some changes. Her fairy reading tent is now her study corner, and I like that it’s a little bit magical while mostly functional.

study corner

SHE likes the unicorn lamp (Target) and pink chair (Amazon). Whatever gets you excited to do your homework, girl.


As you guys know, my kids are SUPER into music. We’re getting them some Christmas gifts to help foster their love (and also teach them some stuff).

~We’re getting Annabel this half-sized guitar kit. She’s been begging for lessons, and we think she’s old enough to start.
~To deal with James’ inevitable jealousy over Annie’s guitar, I am getting him this real-looking toy guitar. I also considered a soprano ukelele for him (the frets and strings are closer together, which is good for small hands) but on the off-chance James pays attention to the guitar lessons Mike will give Annabel, I want them to have the same kind of instrument.
~These design-your-headphones are so cool, I kind of want them for myself.
~James has really amazing rhythm for a kid his age, and my mom is always saying she’s going to get him this drum kit. I appreciate his talent but I would have to move out of my house (although, something like this might be okay). I also might consider one of these bongos. I guess I’ve lost my mind.
~This selfie-microphone is definitely for Annabel. Not for me. Really.

If you have a cool musical gift, let me know!

Happy Sunday, everyone!