Thank you all for the love and donations yesterday for Madeline’s birthday. Every birthday is hard but I’m struggling more than usual with her tenth. Ten years old is such a milestone. In the peaks and valleys of grief, this one is a very deep valley, and if I’m being honest with myself, it’s been affecting me for a while now. I’m hopeful that the climb out will be a quick one, but I’m going to try to go easy on myself.

At Maddie’s first birthday party.

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What The Flicka

Annabel and I did a series of videos for the Netflix show Spirit Riding Free in partnership with the fun parenting website, What The Flicka. While we play with toys from the show, we talk about things like work/life balance and relationships. Annabel drops some real doozies, like saying Mike and I should only kiss once a year because it’s “gross,” and saying she doesn’t want to get married, she just wants to be a “cool girl with lots of boyfriends.” O_O

Time Flies

UM Thanksgiving is in 11 days, which means Black Friday is in 12 days. I started buying Christmas presents last month to help spread the costs, but holy moly, time is flyyyyying by.

~James & Annabel love to build rollercoasters on Minecraft, so I ordered this rollercoaster building game so they can get some IRL creativity going, screen-free.
~Has anyone ever bought their kids an easel like this? I’m tempted, but not sure if I want another large indoor toy.
~Have I told you guys about our Ring doorbell? I’m obsessed with it! It’s the perfect group, “what do we get for our parents who have everything” gift.

Happy Sunday, everyone!!