Are anyone else’s kids absolutely insane today? Annabel and James are bouncing off the walls, all thanks to Halloween tomorrow. This is when I really wish they made child-size hamster wheels. We’ve had a fun weekend so far, taking the kids to pick out pumpkins, to a movie, and to get last-minute Halloween items at our favorite Halloween store. Today the kids have already played in the rain, built a haunted house out of cookies, and drawn 1,000 pumpkins. Next up, carving pumpkins. I might have to drug them to make them sleep tonight. Just kidding…I might drug myself, though.

my pumpkins

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Costume Party

~Here is my annual reminder that all Halloween stuff at Target is 50% off on November 1 – including the costumes. I always get there immediately after the store opens and grab the best stuff. Our costume box needs replenishing thanks to Annie’s growth spurts and James’ new-found interest in wearing costumes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they still have Harry Potter robes!

~We already have the unicorn mask, but I really want to get more of these awesome animal-head masks…you know, so the whole family can enjoy them. Like this sloth…omg. And can you imagine James with this German Shepherd mask, or Annie with the poodle?

~I want this sweater, is that weird?

Happy Sunday (and Happy Halloween), everyone!