Mike and I have been very busy working on a big project that we finally completed, so to thank the kids for being so understanding we surprised them with a stay at Great Wolf Lodge. I was here for a press event yesterday and we decided to make a weekend out of it. Mike accurately described this place as “Vegas for kids.” It’s like a kid’s fever dream in here. There’s bowling, mini golf, a 24-hour arcade, a kid salon, scavenger hunts, and the hotel’s centerpiece, a giant indoor water park. Our room has a little kids’ nook with bunk beds and a TV, so even when we’re in our room the kids feel like they are playing. Annie and James have woken up at 6am every day, ready to go “do more fun stuff!” I think everyone is going to sleep for 20 straight hours when we get home later today…I know I want to!

great wolf lodge lobby
I can’t even be mad about that giant spider. It’s made entirely of balloons! So cool.

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Huge Phone

I upgraded my phone last week, for the first time in three years. I now have the iPhone 7 Plus, or as James calls it, “Huge Phone.” As in, “Mama, can I see Huge Phone? Mama, Huge Phone is ringin’!” It really is enormous, especially compared to my previous iPhone 5, but I got used to it quickly. As promised, the camera is really amazing and the zoom is unbelievable.

giant spider
regular view

giant spider zoomed
zoomed in

I’m too chicken to test if it truly is waterproof, though! Someone else can do that with their ridiculously priced phone.

Happy Sunday, everyone!