Annie and I are on a fun girls’ trip this weekend with our friends Jayme and Dylan. You really haven’t lived until you’ve spent ten hours in a car with two seven-year-olds. O_O I think Jayme and I have suffered permanent hearing loss from all of the squeals and shrieks. But we’ve had a ton of fun so far, especially if stopping 187 times to go to a bathroom is your idea of fun.

Good thing they’re cute.

Around The ‘Net

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Happy birthday to my wonderful Auntie Lynn, who turns 21 years old today Okay maybe not 21, but it’s another milestone birthday. We love you so much Auntie Lynn, and we can’t wait to celebrate you!

Cool Stuff

~For some reason, James is absolutely OBSESSED with Captain America. Mike and I are pretty sure he’s never seen a Captain America movie or cartoon or anything, but hey, when you find a super hero that speaks to you, who cares? He picked out a Captain America lunch box and thermos for school. I thought for sure he was going to flip out over this shield lunch box, but he went with a classic movie scene. I love that kid.
~Schuyler needs one of these fence windows. She is obsessed with our neighbors (and their cat).
~This is the greatest book ever and you all should order it.

Happy Sunday, everyone!