Both of my kids love American Ninja Warrior Junior, but no one more than James, who is OBSESSED. He literally does exercises every day to “make myself a strong ninja warrior” and has watched as many episodes as we will allow. Mike was invited through BuzzFeed to visit the set of the show and he was able to bring Annie and James (Mike is going to write-up the whole experience when the new season starts). LOOK AT HOW HAPPY MY KIDS ARE:

Ever since they went to the set, James has been “training” in earnest. He tells everyone, “I’m going to be on the show in season five.” Why season five? Because that’s when he’ll finally be old enough, LOL. So, set your DVRs for three years from now!

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Fun Finds

~How did I not know they sell mannequin heads with hair on Amazon? I know they’re for hairstyling, but they give me lots of ideas for Halloween…
~Fall softball is all about the “punny” team names, and this year the team I’m coaching is called, “Bat to the Bone.” These skeleton socks really complete the theme, LOL.
~I received this pretty gold bracelet for my birthday and I just love how simple it is.

Happy Sunday, everyone!