Schooooooool’s out for summer! It really felt like this year flew by. Of course, I’ve been so insanely busy the last two-and-a-half months, so maybe it just feels that way to me. They changed a lot on the inside this year…okay, on the outside, too.

james first day last day 2017 - 2018
He had a pajama party on the last day.

They start all their summer programs the week of the 25th, which means they’ll be kicking it at home this week…give me the strength to deal with them both at home while I finish the last week of my current freelance job!

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Whoooooo Are You, Who Who Who Who

I’ve decided that for my birthday I want a Doggie DNA kit. Yes, I’m an odd person, but we all know this. I just really want to know what kind of dog Schuyler is since she is clearly NOT a Maltese/Yorkie like we expected! So first, who has done a Doggie DNA test and did you like the brand? And second, I am now accepting predictions as to what kind of mix Schuyler is! Corgi? Dachshund? Chihuahua? Terrier? So many possibilities with this little one.

Fun Finds

~Mike gave me these wizard wand makeup brushes for Christmas so I can definitely recommend them to everyone!
~Now that we’ve reached the summer months, our softball games are getting HOT. I’ve decided I need a hydro flask for my birthday, nudge to my family.
~Mike will be getting this cool “notebook with a twist” for Father’s Day. It looks awesome!

Happy Sunday, everyone!