The kids had their regular dentist appointment on Friday. James is…not a fan of the dentist. Like, to the point where I usually have to bring another person with me and then I lay on top of him so the dentist can pry his mouth open. I loooove our dentist but I dread going because James is so stressful in the office. This past visit, Mike was working from home, so he had the privilege of going along with me…and wouldn’t you know it, James was totally perfect there. He hopped right into the chair, opened his mouth when told, and was completely unrecognizable to the staff. They all kept commenting about how he was sitting there like an angel. Hopefully this means he’ll always be chill at the dentist, and that this wasn’t a one-time performance for daddy’s benefit!

I sent this picture to my mom, who usually accompanies me on these appointments, and she asked if he was drugged.

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Shopping Queen

Annabel is doing that annoying thing where she grows and none of her clothes fit. My mom took her shopping to get some new staples and that girl was in her element. My mom said she had no problems voicing her opinions on what was “fashionable,” and came home with several cute things that only she could pull off. This girl is going to be expensive.

shopping spree

She also brought along her iPod so she could take pictures of her “Special time with Gramma.” Aw.

Egg Hunting

I am going full-on lazy this year and ordered pre-filled Easter eggs. I’m not even sorry. Some of them I’m donating to James’ preschool, but the rest are going to be used by our Easter Bunny. Don’t worry, the bunny will have a few eggs with candy that I will fill myself. I’m not a monster. Also, I can’t remember who told me this tip but it’s awesome – shredded paper in the Easter baskets instead of that awful plastic grass. It’s 1000 times easier to clean up!

Marching On

~Here’s your friendly reminder to support our March for Babies team. Please help us reach our $10 for 10 goal! Thank you!

Happy Sunday, everyone!