The kiddos have been pretty sick this weekend, with really high fevers and chest congestion. It’s always alarming when my busy kids just want to lay on the couch and sleep. Annabel finally seems to be on the mend, but poor little James is just miserable today. It’s always hard when they’re little and don’t really understand what’s happening. We’re giving him lots of cuddles and fluids with the hope his fever breaks soon.

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100th Day of School

~Annabel’s 100th day of school was last week, and she had two different “100 things” projects to bring in. The kindergarten classes got together and had a big party where they made capes, hats, and puppets. I helped out and the kids were adorable – they were so excited that it was the 100th day of school. I was pretty perplexed, though…when did this become a “thing?”

Zero the Hero


~Twenty percent of the sales of this pretty Alex and Ani bracelet goes directly to the Global Fund to Fight Aids.
~Old Navy is selling tunic-length tanks! I can finally stop buying maternity tanks for the length!
~I kind of love these Fujifilm Instant Cameras…they remind me of our old Polaroid.
~I think Mike needs some of these old-fashioned pajamas to help his transition into distinguished 40-something.

Happy Sunday, everyone!