Sports have officially taken over my life. Annabel has softball practice twice a week, pitching lessons once a week, and James starts Little League this week. When games start next month, we’ll have sports five days a week. I know lots of you with older kids are like, “welcome to the club!” So please, give me tips on how to manage life when so much of mine will be spent as a chauffeur for my kids. And making dinner! How will I make dinner when we’re at the fields from 4-6 so many days of the week? And if you tell me slow cooker, clearly you don’t watch This is Us

James trying on a Little League uniform.

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Cheer Up

I have some friends going through hard stuff right now, so I sent them some little things to let them know they are amazing.

~You are braver than you believe.
~Love this female fighter pin.
~A super-soft blanket, since I can’t hug her in person.

Happy Sunday, everyone!