Annabel had her birthday slumber party last night and it was a big success…especially if you judge it by how tired I am this morning. I normally run on little sleep but I feel like a zombie this morning! The girls had an absolute blast watching movies, eating sugar, and screaming. The dogs, Mike, and I are all a little shell-shocked this morning (James spent the night at my parents’ house). With today being Annie’s actual birthday, we’ll be spending the rest of it doing fun activities like getting our hair done, seeing Hidden Figures, and having dinner at her favorite restaurant. I can’t believe my girl is seven today!!

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Juice It Up

~Okay people. How many of you juice? My friend has started juicing her fruits and vegetables and she looks and feels amazing. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for years but have never pulled the trigger. Who has done it, what kind of juicer do you have, pros/cons? I wanna hear it all! And good fruit and veggie combos, too…especially if you have one that tastes like pizza.


Annabel hasn’t opened her presents yet, but when she does she’s going to have some pretty cool things.

~She’s been asking for a sewing machine for a couple years now, so I got her this one. Hello Kitty!
~”I have lots of things I want to keep secret from James, so I need a journal that locks.” Okay, well he can’t read, but sure.
~I personally love these Project Mc2 dolls (I got one for Annie but I can’t remember which one). They come with science projects!

Happy Sunday, everyone!