We have finally settled back into the school routine. Over the next few weeks we’ll start adding after-school activities (basketball and gymnastics/hip hop for James, chorus and softball for Annabel) and then we’ll be completely back to “normal life.” We’re also getting a break in the rain this week (such a strange thing to type for this SoCal girl), so I am going to start potty training the puppy outside. Kyle’s dog, Yoshi, will also be staying with us while Kyle goes to the Sundance Film Festival, so I’m hoping Yoshi will set a good example for Schuyler with that whole “peeing outside” thing. Hopefully Schuyler will set a good example for Yoshi with that whole “adorable cuddling” thing she does so well.

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Shop For A Cause

~My friend Christine has started an awesome new shirt line called Brave New World, where a portion of every sale goes to a different charity Christine feels strongly about. Of course, my personal favorite is the glittery gold unicorn shirt that supports March of Dimes.

~If you live somewhere that requires reusable bags when you grocery shop (like I do), might I suggest this canvas tote where 100% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood? Because it’s rad.

~If you don’t have a 2017 calendar yet, this firemen-and-puppies collection might appeal to you (and it benefits Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Colorado).

Cool Stuff

~Annabel is having a sleepover birthday party next weekend with some of her friends from school (RIP my eardrums) and she requested these unicorn pajamas and this sleep mask for her party attire. Of course she did.
~She’s also going to get this Squad Goals sweatshirt and cute lace top.
~I’m thinking about ordering these for Mike and me, so we can get some sleep.

Happy Sunday, everyone!