Soccer girl

So…I’m a soccer mom now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against soccer. I just didn’t grow up playing it, or watching it, or having any interest in or understanding of it in any way. But Annabel has been begging me to play since last year, so here we go.

In the lead up to practices starting, Annabel has asked questions like, “Does soccer have positions, like baseball?” and “What are the rules in soccer?” And I’ve been like, “ummmm…goalie, and…run and kick person?” and “ummmm…don’t use your hands?” Thank goodness for Google and YouTube.

Mike has been practicing with her in the backyard, but yesterday was her first official team practice. Luckily for me, Annie’s best friend comes from a soccer family, so her mom was very helpful when I said, “Sooo, what does Annie need for soccer? Like, cleats or something? Can I get them at Target?” Sometimes I act more helpless than a newborn baby.

Despite my lack of soccer knowledge, I managed to get her all dressed for her first practice, EXCEPT I put her socks under her shin guards which apparently makes me a horrible person omg. I spent half the practice googling, “soccer shin guard socks” and “why is this so hard for me.”

This age group is classified as Under 7, and all the girls on her team are entering first grade. There are a couple girls from her school on her team, so she was very happy. She was less happy to discover that she’s the only kid on her team who has never played before. Her coach has been playing and coaching for years, so he immediately showed her some fundamentals and she picked them up quickly (other than confusion over which foot to kick with…lefty problems).

But at this age, it’s really just running/kicking and, apparently, screaming/squealing. Annabel definitely has an advanced degree in the latter.

soccer practice

soccer practice

The other parents on the team seem great, and were not annoyed by my constant questions of, “What does that mean?” Games start in a month, so I have a few more weeks to figure out this whole soccer thing. Luckily, I will totally nail bringing juice boxes and orange slices. I may have to grow into being a soccer mom, but I was born to be a snack mom.