Things are very different for Annabel than when I was in school. She can join all sorts of fun extracurricular activities, and her school holds all sorts of fun little events. Something that’s HUGE now that wasn’t around when I was a kid is the 100th Day of School.

From what I understand, this tends to be a big thing with Kindergarten and First Grade. It’s a fun way to help kids learn about the number 100, with fun math games, sorting, etc. When Annabel was in Kindergarten last year, she had to gather 1oo things to bring into her class (she chose 100 sparkly gems, of course.). They also made “Zero the Hero” paper dolls.

This year, Annie came home from school last week bursting with excitement. “Mom! This year for the 100th day of school we get to dress like we’re 100 years old! I want to have grey hair, and a cane, and glasses, and a shawl, and lots of wrinkles!”

We went through our costume trunk and I showed her all the outfit possibilities. “What about this muumuu thing?” TOO UGLY. “What about this house coat?” TOO BORING. Finally she said, “Mom, I’m going to be old but I still have to look GOOD.” Oh ok. After digging through her closet, she created what she considered to be “old, but still fashionable.” We added a fake pearl necklace and bracelet, a cane, granny glasses, and knee-high stockings to complete her ensemble. Oh, and how could I forget? A purse full of Werther’s Original butterscotch candies.

Yesterday was the 100th day of school, so she woke up early and VERY excited to, “get old.” I pulled her hair up into a high bun, then sprayed it all over with dry shampoo to turn it greyish-white. For the face wrinkles, I drew a few lines on her face with a brown eyeliner and white eyeliner, then used a blending sponge. The end result looked good, but of course, it was 90% attitude:

And the whole picture was pretty fantastic:

I told her she was a “Glam-ma” and she just looked at me with that annoyed grandma face. Apparently Old Lady Spohr doesn’t appreciate puns.

Her entire class looked SO cute dressed like old grannies and grandpas. Even her teacher got in on the fun, which made the day even more special for the kids. Annie couldn’t stop talking about how Mrs. B got dressed up and that was, “like, so cool.”

I honestly think this really brought out Annie’s inner irritated grandma:

old lady spohr

She looks a little too comfortable with that annoyed face. I can practically hear her yelling at kids to get off her lawn.