As if Saturday wasn’t already busy with the March for Babies, we also had the last softball game of the year, closing ceremonies, AND the team party. I seriously collapsed on Saturday night.

I can’t believe the season is over! I had such an amazing time with my team of little ball players. It was so amazing to watch their improvements over the weeks. I really hope they had a fun season, and while I’m sad that I won’t be their coach anymore, I’m really looking forward to watching them progress through the program in the years to come.

Also, they gave me this keychain that I immediately put my keys on. I love that I will think of my girls whenever I see it.

My Annabel had a great season, too. I was so pleased with how her skills developed, but even happier with how much she loves playing.

It was also really fun getting to coach with my dad. After all those years of HIM coaching ME, it was so cool to work together. I may have years of playing experience under my belt, but I was especially grateful for his years of experience as a coach.

Annabel was incredibly sad the season was over. She loved her teammates and hated saying “goodbye” to them (because she’s still going to see almost all of them around town, at playdates, etc).

Luckily for Annabel, softball isn’t quite over for her yet – she is going to play on her division’s all star team! Mike and I are so incredibly proud of her. It’s going to be a lot of work (three practices a week for the next month), but she’s got the skills and if she works hard, she’s going to be a tremendous asset to the team. The first practice was yesterday, and she’s already excited about the new friends she’s made – plus, three of her teammates from the regular season are on the all star team, too! I’m so proud of my girls.

And, the season isn’t over for me, either – I was asked to be one of the assistant coaches. At our practice yesterday, I was blown away by the amazing talent these girls have. They’re all six or seven years old, but they can hit and throw like girls twice their age. It’s going to be a really fun experience for both of us!