Annabel very adamantly wanted to write her dad a “special post” for his 40th birthday today. I typed out everything she dictated.

Hi Daddy, I wanted to write a post for you, for your birthday. Forty! Have a great time being older.

I have 40 reasons I love my daddy!

1. He is kind.

2. He is great at helping me do stuff.

3. He makes good breakfasts.

4. He likes to play imagination games with me.

5. I love my daddy because he is cute.

6. He makes me feel safe and saves me from bad dreams.

7. He worries about me a lot.

8. He makes me smile with the funniest jokes.

9. I love daddy because I love to kiss him.

10. He gives good hugs.

11. He is so silly.

12. We always have fun together.

13. He makes me stop crying when I get hurt.

14. We do lots of fun stuff when he’s home from work.

15. He did a good job of being 39.

16. He’ll probably be good at being old.

17. I love daddy because he makes me feel like I can do anything.

18. I love daddy because he loves me.

19. He makes me feel comfortable.

20. His tummy is more soft than clouds.

21. I love him because he is tall and can reach things for me.

22. He takes me to the movies.

23. His love makes me feel happy.

24. He likes to play with toys.

25. He is as sweet as candy.

26. He makes me feel like a shining star.

27. I love daddy because he likes having me as a daughter.

…I can’t think of more reasons. Forty is a lot.

photo by Yvonne Marie

This picture was when you were 39! You were handsome.

Happy birthday to the best daddy in the whole universe and the whole world! Forty is old but I still love you.

Love, Annabel