Things with James’ new bed are going very well. It’s been about two weeks, and he just LOVES his big boy race car. He really likes playing pretend in the bed with Annabel, and at night he’s gone to bed very easily. It’s a frigging miracle, honestly.

Last week, I went to a media preview at Disneyland for a new ride that’s opening this week, and while I was in the park I grabbed the kids a few little treats; specifically, chocolate coins. James is a total weirdo about coins. Some kids play with dolls, James plays with money. He gathers up real and plastic coins, then carries as many as his little hands can hold all around the house. Coins are James’ friends…for example, James will be watching a movie, and when music comes on he’ll say to his coins, “Dance, coins!” Oh, my little weirdo.

Anyway, I thought chocolate coins would be a great treat for the kids. I got home after they were asleep and put a bag of coins on the floor in each of their rooms, near the door, so they’d see them when they woke up. A fun little way to say “Mommy’s home!”

At 3:30 am, I woke up to the sound of a little voice talking. This isn’t weird – both kids talk in their sleep. I heard, “Coins, c’mon coins!” and I laughed to myself, thinking James was having a great dream about his friends, The Coins. Then I heard a small thud, followed by several other small thuds. Then I heard, “Annie! Looks! CHOCOLATE COINS!”

Mike had jumped out of bed when he heard the thuds,then came back into our room a couple minutes later. “James somehow found chocolate coins and ate like half of them. There’s a trail of trash from his room to Annie’s room.”

coin carnage

“Oh…I got them chocolate coins at Disney…I left them by their bedroom doors so they’d seem them in the morning. How did he even see them in the middle of the night?!”

“You know how he is about coins! He probably can see them in the dark!”

We had to confiscate the rest of his coins at 4 am and he was NOT happy about it. And of course, when he woke up a few hours later he screamed, “COINS! WHERE ARE YOU COINS!”

Please remind me to not have any more “fun” ideas around chocolate coins any time soon.