Welp. Christmas is over and it’s 2018. The outdoor lights and decorations are down and put away, and now I just have to pack up all the tree ornaments. Yes it’s January 4th and my tree is still up but it’s artificial and I had a migraine yesterday and STOP JUDGING ME I WILL TAKE IT DOWN THIS WEEKEND, MOM.

We had a great Christmas. We started celebrating on Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s house, where my nephews were very patient with their incredibly hyped-up cousin.

so exciiiited

It is a MIRACLE he went to sleep.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve is when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. I love taking it all in before everything goes nuts.

christmas 2017

The kids woke up bright and early and were anxious to dive into their presents.

christmas 2017

My kids are so much fun to watch open gifts. They are genuinely delighted by everything, even chapstick. Annie got so excited over a book that she didn’t even realize there was a gift card tucked inside until her grandpa pointed it out.


rollercoaster challenge

And, in our new Spohr family tradition, there were masks.

Luigi mask!

After presents were opened and breakfast was eaten, we took the kids up to the elementary school parking lot so they could try out their gifts from Santa:

Christmas bike ride

It’s James’ first bike, and Annie’s first bike without training wheels. I honestly thought it would take a few days to teach Annie how to ride a bike, but she had it mastered in about 10 minutes. I give almost all the credit to the balance bike she and James used to have – it really did help her master the hardest part of learning how to ride a bike.

Later in the afternoon, we went to my parents’ house to celebrate with extended family, including my aunts, uncle, and cousins. It was there we experienced a Christmas miracle — James decided Liam is finally “interesting,” and the two of them played together non-stop. I think James finally realized how cool it is to have a little kid look up to you.


buds on christmas

hi guys

My mom and aunts put together an absolutely delicious dinner with all the fixings. I helped by stirring some things. You’re welcome, family!

It was a lovely evening, with plenty of time for silliness.


We also forgot to take our usual Christmas Day family photo. When I realized it later, I forced lovingly requested everyone get dressed nicely so we could take this one.

Fake Christmas 2017

Guess it’s good I still had my tree up, HMMMMM.