My brother has been on a business trip since the 16th, so we’ve had his dog, Yoshi since then. Kyle joked that Yoshi was going to teach Schuyler, “how to dog,” while he was here. I think he taught James the most about being a dog, but he’s had an impact on Schuyler, too.

I can’t even handle it.

The two of them have become fast friends.


doggy conga line


The two of them spend the majority of their time wrestling, playing tug of war, or chasing each other. Yoshi has taught Schuyler important things like how to steal each other’s food, how to jump off of couches, and how to yelp to get your way. Schuyler uses this last one on Yoshi regularly and it works like a charm — usually to get a toy or the aforementioned food.

Even though he prefers Schuyler, Yoshi has been kind enough to share the love.

eskimo kisses

guard dog

snuggle buddies

Having two dogs here was quite an adjustment at first, especially since one of them isn’t quite housebroken and one of them weighs four times more than the other. But now we’ve got a good, easy routine. Yoshi is such a good boy, and it’s been nice to have him to snuggle with. He loves to curl up in my lap, or lay down next to Schuyler.

all curled up

sleepy boy

snuggle buddies

Since Kyle gets home tonight, Yoshi will be leaving us in a few hours. Kyle asked if the kids would be okay after Yoshi went home. They’ll be sad but fine. I think it will be hard on Schuyler, though. Yoshi is her favorite playmate and she’ll likely be pretty sad when her partner in crime is gone. But we’ll be seeing a lot more of Yoshi, and hopefully the next time they play together Yoshi can finally get Schuyler to walk on a leash (she flat-out refuses).