You may remember that back in April, Mike and his dad took the kids and me to a baseball game in the hopes of swaying our children to root for his hometown team, the San Francisco Giants. And you may also remember that we have a “deal” that, because our hometown teams are long-time rivals, our kids must choose their preferred team on their eighth birthdays. Well, a couple weeks ago, it was my turn to take everyone to a baseball game. And since I used to work for the team, I ~may~ have called in a few favors.

When we arrived at the stadium, we met up with a few of my old co-workers and walked around the office.

club level

Our seats were fantastic – close to the field, but in the shade (thanks, Dave!).

Dodger Stadium

I’m no dummy: I immediately offered my kids the treat of their choice.

Ice cream!
Soft serve in a Dodger helmet is the best soft serve.

Annie, who is left-handed, really wants to be a pitcher. So when she asked me if she could have a jersey shirt of Clayton Kershaw (aka the greatest left-handed pitcher in the majors), of course I said yes.

Lil' Kersh

The game itself didn’t start well. The Rockies jumped out to an early lead, and it didn’t look good. But the Dodgers (who, by the way, currently have the best record in Major League Baseball) (the Giants have the second-worst) didn’t give up and fought their way back to a 12-5 victory. It was one of the more exciting games I’ve witnessed in person (and I’ve been to countless games), and both kids were ALL ABOUT cheering for the Dodgers.

Go Dodgers!

BUT! The fun didn’t end with the last out of the game. We then had a special escort down to the field, where both kids got to skip the line to RUN THE BASES. Let the record to show that despite working for the Dodgers for four seasons, even I have never run the bases at Dodger Stadium.

(Yes, James fell at the end, but his sister was there to pick him up.)

We also got to take a few pictures on the field.

on the field at Dodger Stadium

In all, a pretty fantastic baseball experience. And I’m just getting started.


Your move, Mike!