There’s one thing that has been a balm on our hurting, and that’s little Liam. Annabel and James were both sick right after he was born, so they didn’t get to meet him until last week. The day after Rigby died, I took Annabel to meet Liam for the first time. We needed to get out of the house, and I figured holding a baby would be good for both of us. I was right, especially for Annabel, who lit up the second the baby was placed in her arms.

Annie and Liam

annie and liam

kissing liam

Annabel is completely smitten by Liam. All she wants to do is hold him, kiss him, and marvel over every little thing he does.

grabbing her shirt

holding hands

loving liam

While Annie squealed over Liam, I caught up with Leah and her sister (my cousin), Timolyn, who was visiting from, as I like to call it, “Practically Canada, New York.” They helped me feel better, but it really made me miss Timolyn. Move back to Southern California!!

A few days later, Leah and Ted brought Liam out to our house so Mike and James could meet him. We figured James would be wary of the baby, and we were mostly right.

sizing up the baby
Sizing up the baby.

what are you doing, Daddy

He never really got much closer than this. He’d blow Liam kisses, but I think he was mostly puzzled by him, and uncertain about no longer being the “baby” in the family (we gave James lots of kisses to help him through).

Meanwhile, this girl could barely stand it when anyone else held Liam.

can't leave daddy alone
Seeing Mike hold a baby did not make me want to have another one, although if Leah and Ted wanted to give me Liam, I would not object.

Annie and Liam

annie and liam

kisses for liam

After they left, Annabel tried to get her baby fix by holding her brother, who was NOT HAVING IT. Good thing we’ll see little Liam again soon.