On our last day at Disney World, we tried to jam in as much as possible. While I went to conference sessions, Mike took the kids to Blizzard Beach, one of the two water parks on the property. He’s a good dad…I would never have taken them to a water park! “Oh, your dad is busy for a few hours? Let’s take this opportunity to sit quietly and pack our suitcases.” I’m so fun.

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach

The kids had a great time at Blizzard Beach, and when they all returned to the hotel, I was done with conference sessions and ready to hit up the parks. I really, really wanted to visit Epcot, so that’s where we headed first.


I’ve been fascinated by Epcot ever since the commercial with Mickey Mouse standing on the top of the giant golf ball thing was on TV back in the late 80s. My ten-year-old brain was unable to comprehend how Mickey got up there. Now I just wonder how much they had to pay the person in the costume.

One of the first things we came across after we entered the park was “Club Cool,” a store and drink stop sponsored by Coke. Mike was like, “I AM NEVER LEAVING!”

club cool!

Club Cool has a bunch of stations where you can sample different Coke products from around the world. THIS WAS MIKE’S DREAM COME TRUE.

Club cool

I had to drag him out of there, but not before he got a frozen Coke…which the kids quickly commandeered.

frozen coke

I’d heard that Epcot is “Disney for adults,” and I can definitely see why. With all the food, drinks, and shopping, it wasn’t exactly what my kids had in mind when they heard we were going to a new park. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed traveling to all of the different “countries.”

epcot mexico

epcot norway


The kids loved the shop in Japan (I did, too).

pokemon in japan

And we especially loved the ice cream in France. Mike got this brioche ice cream sandwich that was amaaaaaazing.

ice cream brioche

Epcot is beautiful at night.


epcot at night

After we left Epcot, we took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. That made three parks in one day for Mike and the kids. I think Mike’s feet were ready to fall off.

We squeezed in a few more rides at Magic Kingdom, plus the big fireworks show.

space ranger spin

space ranger spin


tea cups

magic kingdom fireworks

We absolutely loved our time at Walt Disney World. Was it a lot of walking? OMG yes. Were we exhausted? OMG yes. But it was worth it.

Cinderella's castle