We’re about two-thirds of the way through our annual trip to Arizona for baseball spring training. Every year I think, “This is going to be the year where I can sit by the pool and relax,” and uh, no. Traveling with small children is the exact opposite of relaxing. This isn’t to say we aren’t having fun – it’s been a really great trip so far! But, right now I’m nursing an increasingly intense headache (I made sure my kids stayed hydrated, but did I listen to my own advice?), so here are a few photos of our trip so far!

relaxing on the lawn

After our long drive, the kids and Mike relaxed on the lawn behind our casita.

chilling before the game<

James is cool before the Dodgers vs Giants game.

at the stadium

Dodger kids ready to take on the San Francisco Giants. The facilities at Camelback Ranch, where the Dodgers hold spring training, are absolutely gorgeous and filled with franchise history. Balls like this dotted the paths into the main stadium, and James kept yelling, “Dere’s anudder one!” as he ran to each giant baseball.

Go Dodgers

The Dodgers beat the Giants 13-0. I was very nice about it.

at camelback

Sunset at Camelback Ranch, spring home of the Dodgers.


“Pony is broken, Mama.”

sherriff ann

Annabel, upset that yet again, the personalized tchotchkes do not have her name. Sorry, honey (she settled for “Ann.”)


James and Sheriff Ann at Rawhide Western Town.

before dinner

Mike and the kids at sunset.

spohr men

The Spohr men at a Giants game (James insisted on his hot dog being in the picture).

easter baskets

Easter baskets!

easter babies

After Easter dinner with the family. Look at their linked arms! I love them.

We’ve managed to pack a lot into a short amount of time, but today is what I’ve been waiting for: all day at the pool. It won’t be relaxing (it’s impossible to relax when James is awake), but it will definitely be nice – and I will definitely do a better job of staying hydrated!