I watched you graduate!

Annie says, “I can’t believe it’s all done!” 

It’s hard to believe, but Annie has officially finished preschool! We just returned home from her school’s ceremony.

What started as a silly little joke to make Annie laugh became a really fun way for me to connect with both of my kids. I had such a blast thinking of different “activities” for James to do while Annie was gone. I loved that the first thing she’d say to me at pick-up was, “What did James do while I was at school?” It showed her that even though James and I were doing our own thing while she was gone, we were still thinking about her. And it showed me that she was thinking about us, too.

For James’ birthday party last week I printed out all the WYWAP photos and hung them up. They are now tucked into a photo album for the two of them to look at as they grow up.

With the end of preschool comes the end of this photo series. There are sixty-nine photos in all. James had several jobs, traveled the world (and out of it), celebrated holidays, competed in the Olympics, hosted a talk show, and even used The Force.

Preschool is over, but Annie will be in Pre-K next year. Will there be another photo series? Eh, I don’t know. What I do know is that no matter what, James and I will have lots of adventures together while his sister is at school.