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About a year ago, Annabel started begging for an allowance. We sat down with her and figured out some chores she could do to earn money, and things went great for about…oh, maybe a week or two. After that, the chore chart I made sat untouched, and I found myself turning into Nagging Mom. “If you want an allowance, you need to do your chores! Feed the dog! Make your bed! NAAAAAAAG!” I hated it. She would always claim, “I forgot!” to which I’d reply, “You walk by the chore chart every day!”

I looked around for a better solution. We tried different charts, some with magnets, some with dry erase markers, but nothing stuck. And then I found the Chore Check app.

You guys. This app is freaking amazing and SO EASY to use. After I signed up for a (free) account, I was able to quickly input the chores I wanted Annabel to complete. I am able to not only list daily chores (like feeding the dog), but also weekly chores and one-time chores. I can also easily assign a dollar amount to each chore.

chore check

chore check

There are three things that make this app really stand out from all the other ones we’ve tried. The first is that Annabel has a version of the app on her iPod, so she can log in herself and see what she needs to do each day. Once she completes a chore, she checks it off, and after I approve it, she can see exactly how much money she’s earned. To quote Annie, “I love doing my chores and then seeing the money add up!” It also keeps track of missed chores, so she can see just how much money she’s missed out on.

chore check

I also really love that this app has digital “spend, save, give” jars. I can set up what percentage of her allowance I want to be allocated into those three categories. It’s such a good way to teach her how to be responsible and thoughtful with her money.

But perhaps the coolest feature about Chore Check is…the debit card!!! For $9/month (the first month is free), I can make electronic transfers into a virtual bank account for Annabel, and then she can access it by using a debit card that has her name on it. You should have heard the squealing when I gave her the card. “My first credit card! OMG! This is amaaaaazing!”

The debit card is by FAR the best motivator to get Annie to do her chores. In fact, she often comes up with chores I never would have made her do, like washing windows or cleaning her brother’s room. Yep. She offered to clean his room. I know.

She used her debit card for the first time this past weekend at Toys R Us. She’d been saving up her allowance all summer to buy a few toys, and she said she felt, “so old, like a teenager!” when she got to pay for her items herself.

the joy of a toy store when you're 7

chore check

I love that she feels like a teenager when she’s buying a stuffed animal.

When we got home, she asked if she could donate the rest of her spending money to Hurricane Harvey victims. “Because I’ve been saving money to give people! And they need it right now, a lot.”

I cannot recommend Chore Check enough, you guys. My kid is happily doing chores and also offering to do other chores and WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!

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