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As you guys know, I am trying to up my wardrobe. Now that summer break is over, Annabel has told me that I have to put on “real clothes” because I am “like, so embarrassing.” She just doesn’t understand how comfortable my bathing suit cover ups and caftans are. But fine, I will wear “real” clothes to school drop offs and pick ups, because I am a mom who cares and also because I am really over shaving my legs.

On school mornings, I am busy waking up kids, feeding them, packing lunches, brushing hair, etc. There isn’t a lot of time for me to get myself looking all fancy (not that I would want to look all fancy, but you know what I mean). By the time the kids are ready to leave, I have about 2 minutes to put myself together and get out the door. I need clothes that look nice with zero effort.

Here’s the thing, though: Annabel outgrew 90% of her wardrobe this summer. All shorts, all pants, most shirts, most dresses, all shoes. I was not anticipating this much growing and really wasn’t prepared to have to replace so much. Through the course of searching the internet for good clothing deals I came across thredUP. YOU GUYS. I AM OBSESSED. OB.SESSED.

thredUP is basically an online consignment store. It has women’s and kids’ high-quality secondhand clothes, with really nice brands and designers like Gap and Madewell and Michael Stars. Buuuuuut everything is up to 90% off. EVERYTHING. I started looking through the girls’ clothing and I maybe freaked out because there were clothes I would never buy full-priced for Annie (like Mini Boden) for Target prices. I ended up buying her nine things, all from Mini Boden, J.Crew, and Peek – and I only spent $62.

Sooooo of COURSE I went to thredUP to buy stuff for myself. The first thing I did was look through jeans. I’d once tried on a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans that I thought were on sale and they fit amazingly (and then I saw they were $225 and had a heart attack). So when I saw thredUP had a pair in my size I immediately put them in my cart. They were normally $167 and I got them for $24. Tears of joy, you guys.

I ended up buying myself the jeans and four pull-over tops, plus a dress by Peek for Annie and a shirt by Peek for James. LOOK AT MY TOTAL SAVINGS:




Everything arrived a few days later in a cute polka dot box:


And everything inside was adorable:




I took everything out of the box and just admired it for a while:

thredUP bounty
It’s so beautiful.

You know how you feel awesome in new clothes? Well, I felt even MORE awesome in these clothes because they were CHEAP. And anytime someone said, “I like your top!” I replied, “LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH I PAID FOR IT.” I am unable to keep my chill when a bargain is involved.

But anyway. I love my clothes. The jeans especially – they are already broken in and just feel fantastic.

This is my “Going to a meeting at the school” outfit:

Jeez, Mike is tall.

And these are my “hurry up and get these kids to school on time” outfits:

I am watching the kids down the street running towards the school and thinking, “crap, we’re late.”


The next thing I’m going to try is sending clothes we don’t wear anymore to threadUP. I have bags of stuff I’ve been waiting to sell at our next garage sale, but this is going to be a lot more convenient!

ANNNNND I have a special offer for all of you! If you click here and use code SPOHR40 at checkout, you’ll get 40% off your entire order (up to $50)! OMG you’ll be able to buy so much more stuff, you lucky ducks.

Have fun shopping!