I’ve partnered with Baby Dove for this post. Thank you, Baby Dove! 

I have really sensitive skin, and it took me a really long time to find products that could help me. I tried everything from pricey salon brands to generic supermarket soap before finally finding Dove body wash and lotion. I’ve been using it for years now. If I’m ever at a hotel and use their body wash, my skin always gets dry and flakey, and will even break out in little bumps/rashes. As soon as I get home and back to my regular body wash? My skin clears up immediately and any dry skin discomfort disappears.

Unfortunately for my kids, they inherited my sensitive skin. James is especially sensitive – I have to be so careful with what products I use on him. In fact, I still have to use baby detergent on his clothes, and baby wash on his skin during baths lest he break out in a rash like me. I have to rub lotion into his skin daily to keep it moisturized and itch-free, otherwise, he will scratch his skin so much that he’ll leave a mark. Poor buddy.

When I heard about the new Baby Dove line, I was immediately intrigued. I’ve had so much success with adult Dove products, so I was really hopeful they’d work for James, too. I tested it out first by washing his hands with the body wash. I figured if he had a bad reaction to it, it would only make his hands itch and not his entire body. Luckily, he had no visible reaction, and when I asked him later if his hands itched he looked at me confused and said, “Um, no.”

After that, I decided he was clear to try a bath with the Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash. After he and my other favorite little boy, Liam, had a long afternoon of playing together, I threw them into the bathtub. It was cuteness overload.

Cuteness Overload

This was the first time I’ve ever bathed James in anything scented — that’s how sensitive his skin is! Baby Dove does come in an unscented option, too, but the scent is so gentle that it didn’t irritate James’ skin (or mine!) at all.


Liam still has that delicate, delicious baby skin that you can’t help but want to kiss and nibble on.

bathtime bros

After the bath, we rubbed the Baby Dove Rich Moisture lotion into their skin. They smelled soooo good (and their skin felt amazing)!

lotion time!

I highly recommend these products! James’ skin gets so dry in the summer with all of the sun and chlorine exposure, and I’m feeling pretty confident that the Baby Dove products are going to help keep him comfortable during the months when he’s often itchy and miserable. All of their products are pediatrician and dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, so they are good for even the littlest of babies