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As I’ve said countless times here, I’m so glad I’ve kept this blog for twelve years. I’ve documented more than a third of my life here, including so many little things I never would have remembered if I hadn’t written them down. I hope my kids get a kick out of it, along with some insight into what life was like growing up.

Besides the blog, I use other ways to keep memories – tons of photos, email notes for personal memories, and video. We’ve shared lots of our silly videos here over the years! Video is my favorite thing ever. I can write about a story, or take a picture, but nothing captures a person – especially a growing, constantly changing child, like video. I love getting my kids on video so I can remember all those fleeting characteristics. The tiny voices, the mannerisms, the faces they make when they think, all captured forever.

For Annie’s last few birthdays we’ve interviewed her, which she loved. “It’s like I’m on TV!” Her answers are always hilarious and I’ve usually thought, “We should do this more often!” But I never do, because finding the time to come up with the questions, plus putting the whole video together, can be time-consuming.

Enter the OneDayApp! This app is adorable, you guys. It combines everything I like (moments in time, voices, quirks) with everything Annie likes (talking, talking, and talking), and takes away all of the work. The user chooses a group of themed questions like “All About You,” or Advice For Your Parents,” and a list of pre-chosen questions are provided for you to ask your kids. When you’re done recording, the app stitches all the video clips together into one video, complete with title cards and music! You don’t need ANY editing skills whatsoever.


There are also questions for littler kids (animal sounds, funny faces, etc), plus stories adults can answer, too (“Advice For Your Kids,” “About Your College Years,” “About Your Influences,”). The app also updates with seasonal stories – we asked Annie some questions about Thanksgiving and her answers were so cute.

If you can’t see the video above, click here

Annie is LOVING this app. She loves to make videos of herself – she can read well enough to recognize some words and will guess what the question is…sometimes she’s right, sometimes not so much, but the results are always great because they’re just so Annie.

one day app
Interviewing herself.

one day app
Laughing at the results.

She also loves to interview James, who isn’t quite old enough to answer the questions, but loves the attention from his older sister.

one day app

Annie suggested we make videos this week when we’re with Mike’s side of the family for Thanksgiving, and I think that’s a great idea – ESPECIALLY the adult prompts. What a gift for my kids, niece, and nephews to have interviews of their grandparents.

Did I mention the OneDayApp is free (currently only on iTunes but hopefully coming soon, everyone else!)? Have some fun with it this holiday weekend!