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Try as I might, none of my kids really took to the pacifier.

The NICU Maddie was in regularly used pacifiers, and she would suck on hers occasionally. However, when we got home, she was pretty over them, only accepting one every now and then. Annie took a pacifier the longest of all of my kids, until she was a few months old. James, however, never liked the pacifier…and he’s definitely my child who would most benefit from one.

James really likes sucking for comfort. The transition from bottle to sippy has been so hard for him because he really is soothed by sucking on his bottle. When he’s crying or fussy, I know I could give him a bottle and he’d settle down immediately. I’ve even tried giving him a pacifier now (at almost 16 months!) but no dice. Although, he DID enjoy chewing on it! So at least there’s that.

My friends with kids who use a pacifier all tell me that I’m lucky, because breaking their kids of the pacifier habit is brutal. I’m definitely grateful I don’t have to take away a pacifier down the line!

It’s always changing, but we have a few go-to ways to soothe James now when he’s unhappy. Cuddles are a sure-fire way to calm him, which is of course nice, but we are working hard on teaching him how to self-soothe. He has a blanket that he’s attached to, and often rubbing the blanket on his cheek will calm him. Singing lullabies instantly quiets him – he absolutely loves music! And we’ll give him stuff to chew on – chewthers from Tommee Tippee are favorites, as are frozen fruits in mesh bags.

For me, I just remind myself that this needy phase is just that. Soon he’ll be pushing me away, afraid of my mom cooties!


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